Paraplanning swizzled with a fizzy new approach

Refresh your approach to SOAs and financial advice with quality plans every damn time

Outsourced Paraplanning Benefits

We get it.

You’d rather squeeze limes in your eyes than read another snoozifying Statement of Advice (SOA).

Or worse, waste damn important time putting one together yourself. While potential clients are all like “hey, what about us, amigo?” But the last time you outsourced paraplanning, you spent almost 12,974 hours fixing their work. And the cheeky devil made you pay ‘em too. To be honest, it left a sour taste in your mouth.

Here’s the dealio: We can’t give you back those 12,974 hours.

But we can make sure it never happens again and that’s pretty good too.

Affordable support + SOAs

Perfect plans in 5-8* days

Language your clients ‘get’

Wink-worthy documints

Do you want:

  • Speedy, high quality advice documints?
  • A loyal, outsourced Paraplanner who ‘gets’ you?
  • Creative strategies to help your clients grow?
  • Really, really pretty plans? (Yes, this is real life)

Like you, I’m tired of dull reports encrusted with dust.
And work so messy it calls for a spring clean.

Say “no more!” to endless hours fixing shady documents. Projections with less predictability than a bubble pop (ooo what’s gonna happen next?!). And wave ‘hi’ to well-researched, simple outsourced paraplanning with reports created your way.

Designed for
easy chats

Customised to your style


(not clinical)

Paraplans you can parastand.

I make your life easy squeezy.

Consistent paraplanning with a twist of *magic.*

(Cue the sci-fi track)

Hi, I’m Kristy –
But call me ‘secret weapon’

  • In the finance game since 2014
  • Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)
  • Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning
  • Reader, baker, candlestick maker (kidding)

I’m a puzzle-solving Sunshine Coast-based Paraplanner in Australia. With a serious addiction to escape rooms and shaking up the paraplanning space.

My jam? Simplified Statements of Advice, customised reports, compliance checks and advice strategies. AKA I’m your secret weapon.

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

In a previous life, I was a Financial Adviser, just like you (we’re a damn good bunch). So, as well as being really, really, ridiculously good looking, I’ve danced in your shoes. And I know what you need, how you need it and the quality you expect. Basically, I’m the sorbet to your scoop. To be honest, there’s so much useless hoopla in many ‘old school’ advice documents and it’s time they got a freshen up.

I know first-hand that no Financial Advisor has ever thought “geez, wish this report was longer.” So I make yours shorter. Nor have they pondered “wow, uglier please!” So I make your documents pretty.

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

Woof, I’m Luna!

Head of Security

  • Long-haired Dachshund (aka sausage dog)
  • Bachelor of Fluffanomics
  • Full-time cute thang

I ruff being a member of the Fresh Paraplanning Team. Actually, nothing makes me wag my baby tail more than being in on the action 24/7. Some say I’m a ter-ruff-ic team player as I hate being separated to my mum Kristy even for a minute!

Some may call me a sausage, but I’m more of a hot dawg with my finger on the pulse for fun times in the office, which include swimming days and extra treats for everyone!

Want to play ball with the Fresh Paraplanning team? I’ll likely be in the background keeping an eye on our security peeps!

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

Sophie Mogg (shaken, not stirred)

  • 10+ years Financial Planning experience
  • 5+ years specialising in Financial Compliance
  • Diploma of Financial Panning (RG146)
  • Bachelor of Business (Economics & International Business), Masters of Accounting
  • Professional air fryer, puzzler and Cosmo shaker

Before you ask, yes, I do take my excel spreadsheets with a side of peppermint choc. When I’m not solving Sodukos, hangin’ out with my fam or heading out on another windswept adventure, I’m head down up as a Paraplanner here at Fresh Paraplanning.

Know what I love most? Having a helping hand in allowing clients to see, dream then experience their goals as a reality. Knowledge is power.

I get it. Finances can be scarier than me at 6am (pre-OJ). But they don’t have to be. As a numbers obsessed paraplanner, I help you squash confusion and leave only the tasty stuff.
Understand your financial story using cool charts, graphs, projections and *human* language (‘coz why use confusing jargon?!).

All the way from Brisbane, Australia consider me your paraplanning shaker. Apron on, glasses chilled, limes zested. Now all that’s left is you. Let me add all your dreams, personalised advice into my tumbler. Then? Pour an icy cup of your Statement of Advice (that’s as tasty as a Cosmo).



  • Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)
  • Certificate IV Mortgage Broking

Crack open an icy cold blend of collaboration, brainstorming and fresh client outcomes. *Smacks lips* aaah! That’s the stuff.

I’ve met my fair share of advisors in my time. So you’re no doubt here because you’re overworked, drowning in admin and (maybe even) mid-yawn. Fear not! Your thorough researcher, efficient work smashing, complex advice actioning sidekick is here. 

“Phew,” you say as a little grin stretches across your client solution-loving face. And your mind will twinkle to know that I love working with clients across industries, backgrounds and even locations. Plus, SOAs are my jam. 

In case you heard my buzzing, I’m a worker bee. Nut out the nitty and allow you to get back to your genius big picture thinking and getting in front of dream and existing clients. 

I’m a sucker for meeting new people, getting comfy with new personalities, and afternoon picnics in the sun (did you see that last one coming?).

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

My greatest accomplishment? Slipping time back into your pocket. So you can grow your business, connect with clients or take you out for an arvo picnic in the sun (go on, you deserve it!). 

I’m what people mostly call a myth. A legend. A fable. Because I’m – dramatic pause – a morning person. So early AM gym, dog walk and loud music is my vibe. 

As your outsourced paraplanner, find me on the Sunshine Coast. Or on your computer screen anywhere you are. Nice to meetcha!

Heeeey, I’m Janith!


  • Ex-Financial Planner
  • Advance Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce in Economics, Banking & Finance
  • 4WDing enthusiast

Running, cycling and long hikes. No, this is not a dating profile (happily married, plus a cat). Instead, how I get super #fresh for paraplanning! Consider me the triple checker of your info, strategy and shaking together an SOAon this delish combo. Plus? We get to chat and make sure your experience with Fresh Paraplanning is connected, bright and refreshingly effective. 

As an ex-financial planner (don’t worry, we parted on good terms), I know *exactly* what advisors like you need. What you’re thinking. And what you want from paraplanners like us (we’re an accommodating bunch!). 

And on the odd occasion where you may have missed something? I’ve got your back and add an extra splash of value to your strategies. 

You are very much welcome, friend!

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

As an outsourced paraplanner, you as the client, can be anywhere across Australia. In Melbourne’s CBD? On a private yacht? Getting ready to 3,2,1 into outer space? The good news is, I can be anywhere too. So a travel around Australia is next on the cards for us. 

Coming to you (live) from West Sydney, I’m originally from Sri Lanka and one day you’ll find me lazing in the sun, on our future acreage and living that off-grid lifestyle.

Can’t wait to help you work towards your goals, too.

Howdy, I’m Gemma


  • Master of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Sustainability minded

Weekends are for cooking up a storm, kicking back with friends and fam or adventuring outdoors with my boys (husband and son!).

Weekdays are for bringing beautiful advice documents to life in a way that clients *actually* understand. Refining strategies and nerding out over modelling is 100% my jam. 

Like sherbet to the tongue, uncovering hidden gems that add value to the advice gets me jazzed. No to mention the way a strategy can evolve as you work through the modelling. I mean, that’s my idea of a par-tay!

Why do I do what I do? To help people achieve financial freedom and live their best lives. After working with some of the biggest superannuation funds in Australia as well as small boutique firms, I bring curated perspectives to the Fresh Paraplanning team. This means you receive a clear understanding  of the different value propositions each firm offers.  

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

Fun fact: I’m really into sustainability. Which of the following is your guess for where I practice sustainability?

  1. At home
  2. In lifestyle
  3. Through investments

Trick question! It’s d) all of the above. It’s a big reason why I adore our flexible working arrangements at Fresh Paraplanning. Because working from home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Especially if you have solar panels like us!

The name’s Ashley!

  • 8 Years of Experience
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)

Did you get a full-blown financial education in High School? Yeah, me either! And nothing rustles my leaves more. Because so many people then find themselves making good and bad (okay, mostly bad) financial decisions as they go. And for the majority, when it’s too late!  

So, I bet you can guess what makes my mind *pop!* with excitement.  Helping people make better financial decisions. All by helping advisors create clear and exciting financial plans.

After all, good financial decisions are a huge factor when chasing that work-life balance (it’s not mythical!), right?

I’m a family gal and get my kicks hanging out with my husband, daughter, two sons and two dogs, Margie and Bluey (the kids may or may not have named Bluey after that loveable cartoon pooch).

By day, I create great, easy to understand SOAs (humblebrag) and work with advisors to make sure clients get mint outcomes. 

By weekend and in my (mostly illusive) free time, you’ll find me foraging farmers markets, whipping up feasts, playing netball or off on a camping trip. 

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

Seriously, though, I can’t wait to be a part of helping your clients make better financial decisions and reach their goals!

My hidden talent involves creating and eating awesome food. I know, it’s pretty impressive. 

I’m swizzled into the Fresh Paraplanning crew from Helidon, QLD.

Hey, I’m Emma (on the rocks)


  • Music is life
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Masters in Financial Planning (in progress)

I’m a music-obsessed chocoholic who loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family or kicking back with a good game.

By day, I get jazzed by reviewing fact finds at Fresh Paraplanning with the verve of someone who just scored two shiny dollars for their next icy cold bev). Oh, and let’s not forget the strategy work, plus preparing refreshingly simply advice documints. By night, I’m vigorously warding off awkward silences.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Distressed jeans were in. Nickelback was (sadly) out. And I was busy sipping fizzy drinks at my study desk. Back then I was busy learning the ins and outs of accounting. But I quickly fell in love with Financial Planning and moved into a paraplanning role. Cute, right?

My last 5ish years I’ve been busier than a mint leaf plucker in Spring.

Outsourced Paraplanner Kristy Whittington

Think: paraplanning and associate advisor positions offering high levels of support to Financial Advisors.

Want to know what’s a real hoot to me? Offering Advisors genuine value. Yep, it gives me a real kick. Why? So pleased you asked. You get to focus on creating a high level of support to clients. All while their lives are topped up with our sweet advice. Win:win!

Let me cross your ts and dot your eyes from my office in Brisbane. And when I’m not? You’ll catch me scoping out the Geelong Cats’ next AFL game!

I’ve got skillz

I do all the stuff you hate,
so you stress less, minty fresh.


(Freshly asked questions)

“What’s your background? …Are you legit?”

I used to run a photography business. True story. But I decided to follow my passion and shifted to financial planning. Why? Because personal finances make a real difference in people’s lives and I wanted to be a part of that part-ay.

When I was getting my nerd on studying, I scored a job as a Client Services Officer (CSO) at a Financial Planning firm. I got my ladder climb on and worked as an Associate Advisor, then as a Financial Planner.

But I saw that Financial Planners weren’t getting the support they deserved. Often Paraplanners were sitting in some bat cave, tapping away then giving a ‘here you go’ along with their plans. There wasn’t any conversation. No connection. And it felt like it was their way or the highway.

It’s my mission to help guide you. In your way. And design my plans to encourage clear conversations with your clients. Since I’ve worked in your role, that offers an extra sprinkle of magic because I ‘get’ what you need.

What’s your process?”

  1. Send me your plan
  2. Book your meeting
  3. We call you (“no, you hang up” – “no, you hang up!”)
  4. You answer a few Qs
  5. TADA you receive your plans within 5-8 days.*

Get the lime rolling here.

*Conditional to our chats

Any special perks?”

We’re your long-term squeeze. Meaning? We reward loyalty and quality requests with reduced plan fees.

We’re here for a good time and a long time.

Plus I create customised plans tailored to you and am very hilarious so there’s that.

Other Paraplanners have decades of experience. Why should I choose you?”

Unlike Paraplanners who’ve been around for yonks, you’re sure that my solutions are fresh and up to date with the latest information.

I’m not tainted by old-fashioned methods or in a 1980s time warp bubble (though those hairstyles – phoar).

I see your client’s values, goals and juicy financial needs through a modern lens. So you and your clients receive advice documents in-line with current strategies, tech advancements and never feel muddled.

What’s your style?”

Businesses come to us for refreshing and wink-worthy, succinct Statement of Assessments, advice and compliance support.

They stay for our one-on-one service, holistic approach and happy little finger guns – pew pew (their words, not ours). From onboarding to strategy – document writing to delivery. Our bright, fun and beautiful process (#humblebrag) offers ease, connection and certainty the whole way through.

How much info do I need to give you before we start?”

Good question. Here’s the lowdown:


To customise a complete library of inclusions specific to you, head to my contact page, book a chat, sign our agreement and provide samples of any existing SOAs you like. We’ll discuss any areas you’d like included during our meeting, as well as any recommendations

Pre-SOA services

Attach your research, meeting file notes and a completed Fact Find to my contact form. I’ll be in touch to book a virtual meeting with you.

SOA services

Attach your research, meeting file notes, a completed Fact Find, your product comparisons and an advice file note to my contact form.

Pre-SOA services

Not sure which service you’re after yet? That’s okay, fill in my contact form to book a meeting with me.

Ready for helpful, (*gasp!*) fun and top-notch outsourced paraplanning?